So, you’ve decided to look into drilling a borehole on your property. Good for you! We at Rand Water Boring only see advantages but we know that this can be a daunting experience. That’s why we have decided to include our top 6 advantages to drilling a borehole on your domestic, commercial or industrial property.

Choosing to drill a borehole has many advantages for you and your property. Some of these advantages include:

1. Borehole is a long term investment

If well maintained, a borehole can operate highly efficiently over the long-term. This allows for peace of mind knowing that you will have control and freedom for the years to come when talking about water. While it can seem like a large upfront cost, installing a properly constructed water borehole could last up to fifteen years with proper maintenance and minimal running or ongoing costs during that period.

2. Boreholes add to the value of your property

A borehole that works well for you and your family can only add value to your property. A borehole is a unique fixture that many properties don’t have that sets you apart. Having access to a sustainable groundwater source also means you are able to take care of your property and your families or business needs during times of water shortage or drought, further increasing the property value.

3. Borehole water is rich in minerals

When you’re drinking water from the municipal supply, the water has inevitably been treated with a wide array of chemicals in the pursuit of water that is “safe for human consumption”. While this is necessary if water needs to be treated like it does in the municipal system for the masses, the same does not apply for the pure groundwater found on your property. Borehole water is an excellent source of mineral rich, natural underground water. This means that underground water is chemical free as well as being clear and clean to drink. Not only is borehole water better for you from a water-consumption perspective, it is also typically kinder and gentler to skin if you’re showering and/or bathing in it.

4. It allows you to have the garden you’ve always wanted

Borehole water is substantially cheaper than municipal water. This gives you the ability to water your garden without the huge spike in your utility bill. Not only is this a great advantage to your bank balance at the end of the month, but it also allows for peace of mind when watering. A beautiful garden in itself is a great investment into the value of your property as well as a wonderful hobby that allows you to get closer to the Earth. This could be extended to growing your vegetables and herbs, allowing for more autonomy and control over the resources that are vital to your life.

5. Decreases the strain on the municipal supply

Having your own borehole drilled will help decrease the demand on municipal water in your area. By utilizing the natural resource found on your property your footprint on the municipal supply is minimal. This is a great way to ensure that your choices are environmentally friendly as it can take a large number of resources for the municipality to produce enough water to supply country whose infrastructure is outdated and under strain.

6. A borehole is a money-saving choice in the long run.

Not only will you cut down on your use of water from the municipal supply for large volume consumption activities such as topping up your swimming pool, watering the garden and taking on building and renovation projects that require water. You will also save on your water tariffs, and especially on the fines imposed on overuse of municipal water during drought and times of water restrictions due to water scarcity.

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